Garden DECKING Coventry

Image depicting Decking InstallationImage depicting Pergola Installation

Professional Garden Decking Installation

Decking is the perfect way to enhance your outdoor living space by linking the house and garden. You could have it fitted to part, or even all of your garden and being very versatile, it can be laid to form many types of patterns. On a practical level, a well designed and constructed deck can be used to make use of uneven ground, awkward corners or create a pergola base - the possibilities are endless.

Pergola Install

Perhaps you’re partial to a pergola. Pergolas and balustrading are the perfect partners for decking and can make a huge difference to the overall feel of a garden. They can be used to add height, focus or extra detail to an otherwise ‘’flat garden’’.

Garden Fence Installation

We not only offer an outstanding decking service, but all types of wooden fencing and gates too – both of which can ‘frame’ your space nicely. We offer a wide range of fencing installations on either timber posts or recessed concrete posts, including:  feather edge, larch lapped panel, picket panel and close board feather edge fencing.

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