Contemporary Garden Makeover

Mr and Mrs Chisholm, residents of a newly built house in Warwickshire, had a vision of a modern, minimalistic outdoor space that would harmonise with their home's aesthetics. They turned to BB Landscapes, and together, we embarked on a transformative journey. Our collaboration led to the design and installation of a sleek, contemporary garden landscape, seamlessly extending the Chisholms' residence.

The landscape involved premium materials and clean, modern design to achieve a harmonious balance of form and function. We installed Town Soft Grey Porcelain Slabs with a resin-based jointing compound to ensure longevity and stability. We then installed a maintenance-free Artificial Turf lawn, edged by Charcoal Pencil Edge Pavers. Finally, we added Cotswold decorative chipping stones around the garden perimeter to add texture and visual contrast.Outcome

BB Landscapes' meticulous planning and expert craftsmanship resulted in the creation of a contemporary outdoor sanctuary that perfectly complemented the Chisholm's modern home.

Products used

Town Soft Grey, 600x600 Porcelain Slabs

Resin-based jointing compound

A large Charcoal Pencil Edge paver

35mm Hanbury Artificial Turf

Cotswold 20mm Decorative Chipping stones.

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